Midwest Computer Consultants, Inc.


Security Software

We include over $400 worth of security software which provides multiple layers of protection.  This includes:

  • Antivirus
  • Antimalware
  • System Patching
  • Remote Access
  • Hardware & Software Monitoring


Software Patching

Security patches are famous for breaking things.  But not installing security patches is a great way to have your system compromised.  That’s why we use a unique two week, six step process to validate security patches and software updates BEFORE installing them on your systems.

We managed updates for Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Mac OS and 200+ other software applications such as Adobe Reader and Java.


Accountability Reports

Every month you’ll get a status update on all of your systems.  Information about the infections we caught and removed, patches we installed, warranty status and much more.


These reports provide clear accountability that we are working daily to keep you up and running.